Our agency  facilitates acces to European funds for the realization of online projects.

The concept of e-commerce sites, electronic applications, etc.,  only with the purchase  of IT equipment and / or servers, ERPs and other custom software required by a company, as long as they fit in the eligible codes in Appendix 2.. List_of_eligible_domains, providing you with the following services:

  • Information on non-refundable grant opportunities available
  • Applicant eligibility, project eligibility, and making recommendations or suggesting solutions
  • Consultancy  in choosing the right financing lines for your business
  • Preparation (writing) of the non-reimbursable financing project and all its annexes
  • Preparing   the necessary portfolio to obtain non-reimbursable funds
  • Keeping track of the process  until you get the funds

CAEN Codes eligible for software development:

  • 6201  Custom software development activities (customer oriented software)
  • 6202  Information technology consultancy activities
  • 6203  Management activities (management and exploitation) of calculating means
  • 6209  Other information technology service activities
  • 6311   Data processing, web site management and related activities
  • 6312   Web portals activities
  • 6399  Other information service activities n.c.a.
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For more information on the funds currently available for the development of e-Economy:

Older programs:

On July 12, 2007,  the European Commission approved the Operational Program for Romania financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for the period 2007-2013, called Operational Program “Increasing Economic Competitiveness”. The total budget of the program is about € 3 billion and community assistance amounts to € 2.5 billion (about 12.7% of the total EU funds invested in Romania under Cohesion Policy 2007-2013).

The operation “Support for Integrated ICT Systems and Other Electronic Business Applications” aims at:

  • Increasing the efficiency of companies by reorganizing all processes based on a computer system;
  • The introduction of modern ICT systems that encourage innovation and provide support for management decisions;

Eligible activities consist of the acquisition of software applications, ICT equipment, other fixed assets, consultancy services and specialized training necessary for:

a. Implementation or expansion of ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning);

b. Implementing or extending Customer Relationship Management (CRM);

c. Implementation of design and / or production software solutions to improve product life cycle management;

d. Implementation of business intelligence and business intelligence systems and other e-business applications for business management.

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