Project Description

The new SMITS website is an online store with functionalities specially developed for this project in order to be able to present in an intuitive way the products with configurable dimensions. The collaboration with the owner of the SMITS INDUSTRY company helped us to present the services of maximum interest in a way that is as easily accessible and intuitive for the users.

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SMITS INDUSTRY is a company whose main object of activity is the manufacture of metal garments and their component parts. It is a company that prides itself on producing in Romania which is why they are a standard on the market throughout the country.


The purpose was from the beginning that the focus will be on the online store to encourage the requests for online offers by the site visitors.


We have taken into account the client’s request to encourage online offers and orders and with the help of our experience we have integrated call to action elements and we have developed an online store that meets all the requirements of visitors.







PLM – Factory production line management.

Our customer wanted an application in which to centralize all products and all customers in order to generate offers much faster and correlate them with the production process.

The first step was to digitize the offers.

After using the ERP system only for offers and observing the benefits of using it, other changes were implemented.

The next step was to digitize the orders and correlate them with the offers.

Thus, the management of orders and offers has been optimized.

The next step was to digitize the production chain to observe employee productivity.

This was implemented by scanning a unique code generated for each product from a confirmed order.

The automation of this process led to a very high efficiency of the production process and thus eliminated products that were unlabeled in the warehouse or customers who were not notified of the completion of their order on time.

The application contains the following modules and functionalities:

  • User module: adding, editing and listing users and user rights;

  • Clients module: adding, editing and listing clients with personalized price per customer and discount per customer;

  • Product module: adding, editing and listing products;

  • Offer plugin: adding, editing and listing offers;

  • Order plugin: adding, editing and listing orders;
  • Configuration module: configuration area for customizing offers and orders;

  • Barcode module: barcode scanning for the production line;user login based on barcode scanning;

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