Project Description


A spectacular online store relised by linking an ecommerce on the WordPress platform with SAP ERP

Project details

  • Based on the identity book, a modern and responsive design (adaptable to mobile devices) has been achieved, respecting the colors of the brand.
  • There have been many attempts to present the products and many specific elements of the project.
  • The website offers various types of promotions but also access to the RAO Club that will open the door to 20% permanent discounts on any purchased book.

Product Overview A

Product Overview B

Design elements from the creative stage

Required skills

A spectacular online store by linking an ecommerce on the WordPress platform with SAP ERP.

Project Planning 98%
Graphic Design 92%
HTML5, CSS3 80%
PHP, Java Script 98%

Initial planning of the concept

After two meetings, many coffees and lists of ideas, our team of graphic artists sketched the first two graphic directions.

Graphic Proposals & Revisions

After another meeting in which the graphic concepts were debated, an idea was chosen, and several revisions were applied so that the creative concept combines the needs of the RAO Publishing House.

Project delivery

After 3 months of work in the programming area where two experienced programmers were involved, the graphic concept came to life.

How much would it cost? Find out now!

High performance items

The page layout was replaced, using instead a smart information loading system as you scroll through the page (vertically, but also horizontally at times) to protect server resources, but also to provide a great visual experience for users.

Excellent results

Two top performing search options for the project are active on the website. One on the red tape all over the website and providing instant results on various categories of information (book name, author, etc.). The other in the authors area offers a very fast, real-time filtering for authors only.