Project Description

The new Popp & Asociatii website is one of the newest important projects carried out by the End Soft Design team. The project allows us to better reflect the competence and current character of the team, combining our skills in a coherent and well put together website. We were able to achieve this to the best of our ability thanks to the excellent team collaboration with Mihai A. Ganea, Marketing-Sales Director of the Popp and Associates team.

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The range of services that the company POPP & ASOCIAŢII offers covers a large part of the fields of activity in constructions. Starting from the design of structures, which is the main activity of the company, continuing with the most diverse studies and ending with the field of consulting and project management, POPP & ASOCIAŢII has created a leading position in the construction market through diversity and quality without compromising the services provided.


From the very beginning, the customer wanted a completely new website, with a unique design. Also, one of the basic requirements was for the company taking over the project to offer the video part but also the photo part. Thus, 4 videos and 15 photo sessions were made for certain buildings in the client’s portfolio. It was also wanted that the website be as customizable as possible with a CMS, so that it can be easily intervened later.


Respecting the identity manual of our client, we’ve harmoniously combined it with UX/UI, a touch of creativity and top notch functionalities developed for this project. We have all agreed to make use of bold, inspirational words along with spectacular images which would be the key to success for the new website. Our job was to complete these elements with a transparent design and well divided into frames.


one of the 4 videos made





The website has been designed for several screen sizes, ensuring that the user gets a unified experience on different devices: mobile, tablet and desktop.