A special impact on the visitors of any web page have its special graphic elements, the new, modern elements, mostly the visual ones; visitors prefer especially the sites that are being periodically modernized, using any resource or trending element, to the detriment of those that remain stuck with old texts, structures, even if they are perfectly logical and complete.

In a century of speed, the impact of the image, either static or dynamic, is overwhelming.

First of all, the image catches and captivates, more than the written word, whether it’s photography or film.

Now, more than ever, time is a precious resource, knowing that if a page does not retain your attention within the first 10-15 seconds, it is already out of date.

In this situation, End Soft Design offers the latest presentation methods, the most modern ways to catch the attention of your customers, and the most attractive methods to keep visitors for as long as possible on your site.

Besides the interactive areas, which make a real contribution to the time saved navigating on the site, our company can offer you video production and photo services at the highest technical parameters with top quality image.

What we offer?

As a photo / video product, we can offer branding services, logos, posters, graphic design and scale modeling, company presentation, video film production as well as short films or documentaries to illustrate in the most modern way the products or services you provide to visitors of your site, website, or blog.

In terms of  short movies, documentary films or video ads that we provide, they are made by professionals in the field, most of them doing their apprenticeship to top televisions in the country and using high-end equipment, which allows the creation of special pictures in exceptional quality conditions.

The latest version of the viudeo presentation, the 3D presentation is no longer a problem for those who have opted to use this modern presentation method, as shown in the pictures below:

What do we do?

Our team can help you through the whole production process, from concept development, shooting and imaging, production, providing advice, assistance, and if you want, the most suitable team to make any complete, simple or far-reaching video project, in special technical conditions.

Another field in which we can provide support is 3D models or scale models, for which every detail is essential, and the latest technology and programs are used to produce drawings that faithfully reproduce the model we are working on.

These templates adapt very simply to be used in the interactive areas of the sites, and can be used to make virtual tours, being a feature of modernity highly appreciated by site visitors.

All these elements positively affect the frequency of visits, the time spent on the site, implicitly on their ranking position.

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