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Caranda – battery specialists


A special site, created especially for a successful company in the field of production and sale of batteries, accumulators and related equipment, Caranda, the second company of its kind in Romania. The creation of the site was a challenge in that it includes the product presentation part, as well as the marketing part of them, the site created responsive, can be viewed in excellent conditions, regardless of the size of the devices from which it is accessed.



The new SMITS website is an online store with functionalities specially developed for this project in order to be able to present in an intuitive way the products with configurable dimensions. The collaboration with the owner of the SMITS INDUSTRY company helped us to present the services of maximum interest in a way that is as easily accessible and intuitive for the users.



Suntech, the top company in the field of shading technology, now has a site where customers can easily find all the details necessary for a purchase, the site being captivating and at the same time accessible and logically structured. The complex palette, developed by our colleagues in java script can be viewed and edited from the administration section, the site also containing explicit photos and downloadable documents for each product.