The new website Copyzone is one of the newest projects made by the End Soft Design team. The Copyzone website is a combination of an online store and a services and works presentation site. The focus for this website has been on the online store that allows the user to choose the attributes for each product and the website also offers product suggestions for the users.

RAO Editorial Group – Ecommerce Platform Connected with SAP ERP


Based on the identity book, a modern and responsive design (adaptable to mobile devices) has been achieved, respecting the colors of the brand. There have been many attempts to present the products and many specific elements of the project.

Caranda – battery specialists


A special site, created especially for a successful company in the field of production and sale of batteries, accumulators and related equipment, Caranda, the second company of its kind in Romania. The creation of the site was a challenge in that it includes the product presentation part, as well as the marketing part of them, the site created responsive, can be viewed in excellent conditions, regardless of the size of the devices from which it is accessed.