Priority Axis 2 – Improving the Competitiveness of Small and Medium Enterprises,

Investment Priority 2.2 – Supporting the creation and expansion of advanced production capabilities and service development.

This investment priority will support the development of SMEs to improve their advanced product and service development capabilities in order to increase the competitiveness of regional and national economies. In this respect, the targeted SMEs are the ones interested in finding an optimal growth model, both in the sense of swithching to another size category, and in the sense of developing the undergone activity in order to boost the targeted market (the local market becomes regional, national or international).

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Eligible regions

  • North East, South East, South Muntenia, South West Oltenia, West, North West, Center
  • Investments located in the Bucharest Ilfov region and ITI Danube Delta are not eligible.

The amount of non-reimbursable financing is the equivalent in RON of at least EUR 200,000 and maximum of EUR 1 million, calculated at the Inforeuro exchange rate valid at the launch date.

At state aid, the company’s contribution to the investment varies between 30% and 55%, depending on the size of the company and the region where the project is located:

Eligible applicants

The funds are available for companies all over the country, but not Bucharest, Ilfov County and ITI Danube Delta.


  • microenterprises – have less than 10 employees and have a net annual turnover or have total assets of up to EUR 2 million, equivalent in lei;
  • small enterprises – have less than 50 employees and have a net annual turnover or have total assets of up to 10 million, equivalent in lei;
  • medium-sized enterprises – have less than 250 employees and have a net annual turnover of up to EUR 50 million, equivalent in lei, or have total assets that do not exceed the EUR 43 million equivalent.

Companies may be commercial enterprises established on the basis of Law 31/1990 or cooperatives established on the basis of Law 1/2005.


  • The applicant has been working for a period of at least one full fiscal year, and has not temporarily suspended his activity in the current year of filing the application for financing and in the previous fiscal year and has recorded operating profit (> 0 lei) in the fiscal year preceding the filing of the funding application.
  • The applicant recorded an average number of employees of at least 3 in the fiscal year preceding the submission of the application for funding.

The location of the project implementation is located in:

  • urban areas (including villages belonging to town areas) for SMEs (MICROENTERPRISES AND SMALL ENTERPRISES)
  • rural areas for medium-sized businesses (over 50 employees)

Money is offered to companies in a variety of fields, from hospitality and textile production to software companies and fitness rooms.

Eligible investments

Eligible investments for co-financing through this program include:

  • Financial investment through regional aid;
  • Construction / extension of production / service spaces;
  • Provision of tangible assets (equipment, machinery), intangibles (licenses, patents, software, etc.), including on-line marketing tools (catalog publishing, order picking, online payment, acquisitions, electronic invoice, customer service etc);
  • Financial investments with minimal aid;
  • The implementation of certification of products, services or different specific processes, certification of quality management systems (ISO 9001), 2/31 must have been established no later than January 4, 2016 (the first working day since 2016) (ISO 14001), Food Safety (ISO 22000), Occupational Health and Safety (OHSAS 18001), Information Security (ISO / IEC 27001), Energy (ISO 50001), Quality of medical devices (ISO 13485), IT services (ISO / IEC 20000), social responsibility (SA 8000), simple or integrated;
  • Participation in international fairs and exhibitions, trade missions, etc;
  • Expenses for design and technical assistance, obtaining approval;
  • Design and engineering;
  • Consulting-preparing the financing application / business plan; project management or the design, organization and execution of procurement procedures.

The investment must target a single CAEN code!


Data si ora deschiderii cererii de proiecte: 23.02.2017, ora 12:00.

Date and time of closing the call for proposals: 23.08.2017, 12:00.

The project submission period may be reduced after the first 2 months of submission of projects, if the budget of the call is consumed earlier.

The list of eligible CAEN eligible codes is presented in Annex 2 attached.

Some eligible codes in the informational field are detailed below:

6201 Custom software development activities (customer oriented software)

6202 Information technology consultancy activities

6203 Management activities (management and exploitation) of calculating means

6209 Other information technology service activities

6311 Data processing, web pages management and related activities

6312 Web portals activities

6399 Other information service activities n.c.a.

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