“Modern marketing is the art of successfully selling things people cannot afford to those who don’t even need them!”

In order to determine the most appropriate way of promoting your website, it is necessary to know the objectives you have set. (increasing sales / increasing brand awareness / both, etc.).

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Other types of promotion
offered by End Soft Design

  1. Servicii SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This type of promotion involves using specific techniques to get your website to be positioned on the first page of Google (places 1-10) due to certain keywords used by your potential customers.

This type of promotion can last from 2-3 months up to a few years depending on the competition in your niche. The higher the competition, the longer the timespan to reach your goal.

End Soft Design proposes a unique way of working in Romania: Pay only if our work was successful!

Pay 30% of the value of SEO promotion when reaching positions between 11th and 30 (page 2 or 3 of Google) and the 70% difference when reaching positions between 1-10 (Google’s first page).

Usually, this type of optimization is only done for websites built by our agency. We make exceptions only if the website proposed for optimization is well prepared for this difficult competition.

Generally, budgets for this type of promotion are quite consistent because Google often changes algorithms and those who do this promotion need to pay close attention to small details so the website is not affected by these changes . In other words, a serious SEO promotion requires lengthy and consistent effort.

Notable results can be found on our SEO Portfolio page: http://www.endd.ro/portofoliu-seo-rezultate/

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Adwords services are paid ads on Google (on the Google search network and / or on the Google Partner Network). Advertising using this technique allows us to promote a website  immediately  by using text or visual ads (pictures, animations, movies).

You need to allocate a monthly budget for this type of advertising. Adwords Adwords account preparation costs start at $ 50 (depending on the size of the project). Monthly Adwords campaign optimization costs are 20% of the budget amount (for budgets of 250-1000 euros / month the costs are 20%). The minimum budget accepted by our agency is 250 Euros / month.

We have  Google qualified and certified people  who can run Adwords campaigns that can bring you immediate results. Our Adwords campaigns are focused on a higher ROI for your business. Find a more detailed presentation on our page  http://www.endd.ro/servicii-adwords/

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  1. Social Media Promotion

This type of promotion will allow for increased visibility in the Social Media area. What are we doing?

We provide an experienced social media specialist in the top 100 bloggers in Romania.

We create accounts and manage social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, 4square, Pinterest, Instagram

We manage and publish articles on your company’s blog and try to link it to the Social Media area.

We identify websites / blogs in the same domain as yours or close ones and we are also trying to communicate through these websites as well.

For this type of promotion, you need to provide a monthly budget. Depending on the allocated budget, we can tell you how many (and what) daily interventions we can allocate for this type of campaign. The budget must be allocated and thought for a minimum of 6 months to achieve tangible results.

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  1. Alte Other promotion types offered by End Soft Design:
  • Banner advertising posted on other websites (from your own portfolio, affiliated, or from the Romanian or international online)
  • Publication of press releases
  • Acquiring news paid in various publications
  • Mass mailing

To choose the type of advertising that suits your project first, you need to think about what budgets you can allocate. Secondly, we need to meet and discuss the right strategy for your project.

We have results! Test us now!
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