What is the use of this study?

Before buying online advertising, you need to know about the potential of this online market: how to advertise online, the type of website you will buy, advertising, the number of visitors, the bounce rate, visitor profile, etc.

And before you buy advertising, you have to make sure you know what online advertising is and what this  online promotion is (Internet pages, newsletter, email) that translates to a target audience. In the online environment you can promote your business with advertising banners, contextual advertising and search engine ads.

Why Choose Online Advertising?

First of all, we can have much better control over the investment and have immediate results. If SEO search engines are used to promote, results will be visible after a few months (if you have a good optimization). Additionally, there are a number of benefits in favor of online advertising: better targeting (hours, geographic areas, number of user views), the information provided can be different (expandable banners), interaction with the potential customer.

How do we buy?

If you’ve decided to advertise online, you’ll also need to know how to buy: CPM (Cost per Mille), CPC (Cost per Click), and CPA (Cost per Action).

1.      CPM – Cost Per Mille – or Cost per Impression. Online advertising purchased based on hits: 1 CPM = 1000 impressions.

2.      CPC – Cost Per Click. Online advertising purchased according to the number of clicks given on an advertisement (image, animation or text). For example, advertising from Google – AdWords.

3.      CPA – Cost Per Action. Advertising by the number of predefined actions made by the user who sees the online ad: completing an online form or buying a product as predetermined actions.

4.    CPL – Cost Per Lead. The user follows the ad, logs in, purchases a product, and the hosted ad receives a percentage of the cost of the product

What do we buy?

After knowing the benefits, the payment method should also tell you what kind of advertising you pay. If you opt for banners, there is a whole typology: floating ad, expanding ad, wallpaper ad, trick banner, pop-up, pop-under, video ad, electoral banner.

Another study conducted by the Bursa de Reclama (March 24 and April 1, 2010) confirms that Romanians trust online advertising: 42.7% find it useful as information displayed, and 13.6% are even influenced by the acquisition of products.
Under these conditions, how do you find online advertising: truth or dare ?

End Soft Design offers online advertising on websites in the portfolio, but also on other sites in diverse areas.

Several sites in our portfolio with related traffic in October:

News: http://www.badpolitics.ro/ unique visitors: 19 500 displays: 42 700

Weddings:  http://www.e-nunti.ro/ unique visitors: 23 000 displays:  69 200

Medical domain: http://www.spitalulconstanta.ro/ unique visitors: 3 000  displays:  30 000

 Online Shop: http://www.cosma-husqvarna.ro/ unique visitors: 4 000 displays:  35 000

Tourism: http://www.locatiicazare.ro/ unique visitors: 5 000  displays:  15 000

Entertainment: http://www.extrajocuri.ro/ unique visitors: 3 600 displays:  30 000

Entertainment: http://www.pixelicuatitudine.ro/ unique visitors: 460  displays:  9 100

Tourism: http://www.adtour.ro/ unique visitors: 2 000  displays:  7 500

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