What we do?

Whether you are at the beginning of an online business or want to strengthen your business, we have the knowledge and skills to build your personal online store. We can design and build complete eCommerce systems that allow you to sell products online, simple and easy.

If you already sell online or want to start doing it, we can help!

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Some of our customers for whom we have created online stores:

We do not use templates or other free materials from the Internet.

We are “tailors”, we make custom-made products
for every type of business.

All the stores we build are designed to satisfy EXACTLY the needs of our customers.

The wheel has already been invented. That’s why we took over the special platform we use to develop stores, such as WordPress for stores that do not need a lot of options.

We develop stores using the WordPress platform,

which offers almost unlimited possibilities to meet all your functionality requirements.

E-commerce projects are carried out in the woocommerce methodology to engage the client in the decision-making process and to ensure maximum control over project resources.

Some examples of stores built by our team

Rao Books

A spectacular online store by linking an ecommerce on the WordPress platform with SAP ERP. Two top performing search options for the project are active on the website. One on the red tape all over the website and providing instant results on various categories of information (book name, author, etc.). The other in the authors area offers a very fast, real-time filtering for authors only.

Bisonte România

The selected color palette emphasizes the areas of maximum interest on each page without tiring or irritating. The layout of the areas and the dynamics chosen make it easy to select the desired information and to purchase the product you are looking for.

Mica Publicitate

End Soft’s task was varied. SEO for occupying top positions on domain-specific words. We offered analysis, management and contribution services with new ideas to the development of the project. The website is constantly evolving and online marketing is underway.

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The advantages of an online store

Some features of our e-commerce solutions

We envision from the beginning how to achieve performance in search engines. Our portfolio is a testimony;
We build custom filtering systems;
We develop reporting modules specific to each business (on request);
We optimize the code as much as possible so that the customer’s effort is as small as possible when managing the store;
Import and export of products in excel / Csv;
We implement any payment system in Romania or abroad;
We provide specific transport cost configuration modules;
And much more…

In order to send you a quotation,
we need to understand as well as possible your project,
to which we add various suggestions gathered from the experience gained so far.

Let's talk about your project!

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