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Google_Partner_SearchDid you know that the Internet in America has surpassed all other channels in advertising your business? Did you know that there is a possibility to attract customers online immediately? Did you know that online ads can be built according to your budget?

If you have products that people need, if you want to be different from your competition we help you through Google AdWords to gain enough exposure to the audience you need. AdWords is the perfect solution for attracting customers in the shortest time possible.

End Soft Design  has the skills required to successfully manage your Adwords campaign:

•We study the appropriate keywords of your business;

•We establish together with you the objectives to reach;

•We structure and create campaigns that will be published online.

•We offer, with the support of Romania Google  AdWords, gift coupons  for testing these advertising services. The value of a coupon is $ 200 and is used ONLY for sites that have never had AdWords campaigns;

• We will support throughout the development and realization of these campaigns against a monthly maintenance fee.

The importance of AdWords specialist

We know that many entrepreneurs choose to manage their own Adwords account but at the same time, more and more are starting to understand that it is important to seek the certified Google AdWords professionals. Although it seems more expensive, medium and long term results are much better.

The chart below illustrates how conversion rates vary when an account is given of a personal/business owner (before) and how it grows after AdWords specialist involvement (AFTER). You can see clearly how the advertising budgets have fallen, the conversion rate has increased.

Grafic Adwords  * Conversion rate of a site is the ratio of the number of visitors compared with the number of customers. Better a conversion rate of 5% and a traffic of 40 visitors per day, but a conversion rate of 0.5% and a traffic of 100 visitors per day.

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Medii publicitate ADWAdvertising

Worldwide, while offline environments (traditional) recorded stagnated or even decreased in expenses with advertising, in the online environment they were inscribed on a visible growing trend. And so it will continue because this is the future. As Bill Gates said (Microsoft’s founder):

“In the future, the business will be of two kinds, on the internet or not at all”.


Generating business with Google ADWWhat is AdWords.

AdWords is Google’s Online advertising platform and and is the fastest and more efficient way to promote online. It allows you to create ads online and to display them on Google addressing exactly to the potential clients that are looking for products/services provided by you. Therefore, you will actually help to attract customers, quickly and efficiently.

AdWords will help you manipulate search results or to change the way your site. appears in the common results of the search. But can be used to direct ads to those users who look for deals          similar to those of you.

The goals of an AdWords campaign:

• Brand Awareness (product/company)

• Identify products that sell best

• Attract new buyers/consumers

• Modern marketing strategy

• Cover of market niches


An introduction to online advertising How does AdWords works.

1. Create advertising text-messages, banners or video that will help us to reach potential customers who are looking for at any given moment the product/service offered to you. AdWords allows us to reach exactly the target audience using the right keywords for your products/services.

2. Advertising in text format appears on Google when users search for a product/service using your keywords or similar keywords. Google AdWords ad appears in the “sponsored links” from the side (right side) or above the elevated natural sites (or SEO method) will promote the ads in front of an audience already interested in what you have to offer.

3. Advertising through banners is done through Google’s partner sites. Depending on the specifics of the site puts Google ads. E.g. a banner from the auto industry will be posted only on Google partner sites in the automotive field.

4. The video Messages are displayed on Youtube or in partner sites that allow this.


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