If you have products that people need, if you want to be different from the competition, we can help you with Google AdWords, so that you get plenty of display to your needed audience. Adwords is the suitable solution to attract customers in no time.

What are the advantages of AdWords?

  • Only  the interaction in paid – click/phonecall (for click-to-call campaigns);
  • The objectives of the campaigns can be diverse- branding, increasing the number of viewers, filling up forms, boosting online/offline sales;
  • Advertising can be local , national or global, depending on age, sex, interests, etc…;
  • Allows a  specific need to be targeted;
  • Both products and services and seasonal offers can be promoted;
  • Total control over the budget;
  • It is optimizable at any moment – in case that a campaign has different results than expected, it can be stopped or adjusted at any moment;
  • The results are immediate and measurable from point zero to the moment of conversion (calculating performance. ROI)
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Why choose us?

  • Our company is a Certified Google Partner;
  • 5 years of building and optimizing online advertising campaigns based on our customers’ objectives.;
  • Our services are personalized for every individual business;
  • We offer measurable results, using the most suitable promoting strategies.

We have the following certifications:


The importance of the Adwords specialist 

We know that many entrepreneurs choose to manage their own AdWords account, but at the same time, an increasing number of them begin to understand how important the help of certified Adwords specialists is. Though more costly, on the long and medium term, the results are neatly superior.

We have the right skills to successfully organise your  AdWords campaign:

  • We analyze the website from an Adwords promotion point of view;
  • We establish  the strategy and objectives of the future campaigns;
  • We study the suitable key words for your business;
  • We structure, render, administrate, optimize the campaigns to be published online;
  • For new accounts, we offer, with the support of google Romania, a voucher worth 200 or 300 lei for the first month of activity;
  • We offer consultancy , analysis, reports throughout the whole process of making and development of the campaigns..


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